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There is a reason why steel is regarded as one of the most versatile products for construction and other purposes in the world. It is used for everything from paperclips and razorblades up to major industrial construction projects all over the world.

Its strength and resistance to damage make it the perfect metal for a wide range of purposes. Top End Steel Supplies has assembled a list of our steel products to highlight this versatility and show you the best range for your next project.

Steel Pipe

Piping is used for a range of purposes in construction but two things remain constant; you want your pipes to be durable and also resistant to degradation and corrosion of time. Steel pipe is a highly malleable material which makes it perfect for creating pipes of all sizes. Plus you can rely on the tensile strength of steel and its resistance to long-term damage. Because pipes are buried deep underground to serve as conduits and also as structural support, you need to choose the strongest material the is also cost-efficient. Steel ticks every box and it can be used to transport all kinds of fluid, including water, sewerage and petrol or oil. Because steel is rustproof, there really is no alternative for piping. You can have custom made steel pipe solutions made for your project by the team at Top End Steel Supplies.

Steel Sheet

Strength and durability aren’t the only advantages of steel. It is also highly extremely malleable and can be forged into almost any shape. You can have steel sheets fabricated to almost any size and thickness to be used for a wide range of purposes across many industries. There are different kinds of steel that can be used in sheet fabrication. You can choose stainless steel which is an alloy with around 10 per cent chromium for extra shine and corrosion resistance. There is also carbon steel which increases the structural integrity and strength while also making it easier to shape and weld. Because it is pliable, can be used to repair existing metal structures, is cost-effective and readily available, steel sheet metal is a resource of choice in the construction, automotive, mining, aviation and medical industries just to name a few. With Top End Steel Supplies, you can have steel sheeting fabricated to your specific requirements in any volume.

Structural Steel

As we mentioned previously, there are plenty of reasons why steel is the preferred choice in construction projects. From residential homes and unit complexes through to large-scale commercial and industrial developments, structural steel is essential. The strength and durability of steel have been well established. But there are so many other benefits as well. You have more flexibility in the design process because structural steel can be created in almost any form. Its price and availability reduce overall construction costs. Plus, in an increasingly sustainable world, steel is 100 per cent recyclable and reusable.

Other Steel Products

The list of steel products available for all industries is nearly endless. There is steel specifically made for machining and CNC processes, tubular steel in rectangle, square or circle forms, commercial piping and merchant bars. There are galvanised and coated options to further durability, mesh, plate, frames, fixtures, accessories, flashings, flanges – the list goes on. You can even get steel paint, which is used to coat structural metalwork to give it anti-corrosion qualities and a fresh, new look.

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