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Sheet Metal Darwin

If you’re looking for a supplier of the best sheet metal Darwin has to offer, get in touch with Top End Steel Supplies. We stock a wide range of sheet metals, including galvanised sheet metal and hot-rolled sheet metal. Sheet metal is one of the most fundamental products in metalworking and is used across all industries. Our sheet metals have a wide variety of uses, from splashbacks and brackets to conveyors, tanks and manifolds. We supply our sheet metal products to both private individuals building DIY projects in their backyards and market-leading professionals operating across a spectrum of industries throughout the country.

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Galvanised Sheet Metal

Galvanised sheet metal has a coating of zinc applied to it to increase strength and durability. It’s no big surprise then that galvanised sheet metal is one of the strongest options available and a must in scenarios where good weather-proofing is needed. Galvanised steel is robust, rust-resistant, and designed to withstand the most extreme elements that the Australian climate has to offer. Galvanised sheet metal is frequently used in car manufacturing, inner and outer wall sheeting, drainpipes, wheelbarrows, agricultural machinery, and domestic appliances. There is a huge category of products for which galvanised steel is suitable for, and it can even be painted using specialised primer and paint. Perfect for outdoor constructions and versatile in a wide range of situations, galvanised sheet metal is one of our most popular products.

Hot-Rolled Sheet Metal

Hot-rolled steel has usually been rolled at a temperature of above 1700° F, which is above the temperature at which steel can recrystallise. This means that the steel can then be shaped and formed easily, as well as made much larger. Hot-rolled sheet metal is cost-effective because it requires little processing, making it ideal in situations where the surface finish of the metal isn’t a priority. Hot-rolled steel is used in many industries, usually in places where aesthetics isn’t important. However, hot-rolled steel can still be finished smoothly using processes such as grinding and sand-blasting. If you’re looking for hot-rolled sheet metal in Darwin, come to Top End Steel Supplies and browse our range.

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High Quality Sheet Metal Darwin Customers Will Love

We stock a wide range of metals including sheet metals, pipes, bars, and columns. All of our sheet metals are manufactured to the highest quality. If you’re looking for good quality sheet metal, whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, get in touch with us at Top End Steel Supplies to discuss our stock and get a fair price for what you need.