The Difference Between Steel Punching & Steel Cutting

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Metal fabrication has come a long way in recent years and there are new technologies and methods for cutting steel to create precise shapes for a wide range of industries and applications. Using computer guidance, machinery can fabricate steel into precise shapes which reduces errors, unnecessary waste and drives down expenses so that customers can get exactly what they are looking for at cost-effective prices.

There are different methods used in this fabrication process, including steel punching and cutting. They all have their own advantages and applications to ensure that you have a high-quality finish. But what are the differences between them?

The different methods of steel cutting

There are three main ways that you can cut steel in a fabrication workshop including laser cutting, plasma cutting and water jetting. Each method is used for different purposes, including:

How is metal punching different to metal cutting?

While the methods of metal cutting we described can be used to cut metal into various shapes and designs, metal punching is the process of cutting holes or other cut-outs into the metal itself.

A punch press is used to create geometric shapes in the metal that can be simple, like squares and circles, or more complex in design. The steel sheet moves along a conveyor and is pressed between the punch press located above and the mould in the shape of the feature to be cut out of the material.

This process is carried out using computer numerical control (CNC) software for the highest levels of accuracy, although machining will often be required to smooth out the edges. Most forms of steel along with copper and aluminium can be used in the metal punching process.

Often metal cutting and metal punching are both required to complete an overall project, so it is always best to have this fabrication done in the same workshop by a reputable fabrication company.

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