The benefits of structural steel

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There are many materials used in construction, but none have the same level of benefits as structural steel.

Steel is manufactured to have a range of benefits that make it ideal for construction and, because steel can be pre-fabricated, it also speeds up the construction and building process to create greater efficiencies.

In this article, we explore the various benefits of structural steel and how it can improve your next construction project.

Structural steel is one of the strongest materials available

It doesn’t matter what the scale of a construction project is, durability and strength are paramount. You won’t find a stronger material than structural steel and it can be enhanced to be even more durable through additional treatments.

Iron is the cornerstone of construction steel, but this can be further enhanced through the addition of materials such as manganese to create a powerful allow. The quality of the steel itself will impact its strength. The more that it is worked or rolled, the stronger is it will be.

Steel is highly malleable

When a material is as durable as steel, it can be easy to think that it might be difficult to work with. That is not the case, as steel is flexible, malleable and can be moulded or bent into a variety of shapes. This makes it a highly versatile material that is essential for modern projects with unique architectural requirements.

This is essential for new structures that are exploring new boundaries when it comes to creativity and design. Steel can be used for non-linear projects, curved lines and other bespoke aesthetic designs without sacrificing durability and longevity.

Steel is a cost effective material

The reasons why steel is a cost-effective material are two-fold. Firstly, because of its popularity across construction projects over many decades, the manufacturing process has been developed into a fine art so it is cheaper to produce than a lot of other construction materials.

Not only is it cheap to manufacture and purchase, but steel is also going to last a lot longer than most materials so it won’t need to be replaced as quickly. In many cases, steel structures are durable enough to last a lifetime.

Steel is a sustainable material

Eco-friendly operations are essential in the modern world and steel is one of the most sustainable products on the market. Over 90 per cent of all structural steel is recycled and the steel component of alloys is 100 per cent recyclable.

The manufacturing process has greatly improved in recent years as well, with less heat and energy required and the carbon footprint of steel plants dropping dramatically. This is only going to improve as hydrogen is used to create green steel using renewable power.

Strength against mother nature

Even the sturdiest timber can be reduced to ash by bushfires or wiped out completely by flooding or severe storms. All materials are subject to degradation against extreme heat, but steel is tested under these conditions and is manufactured to stand up to the soaring heat at the centre of a major bushfire.

Protective coats, sprays and alloys will prevent steel from eroding over time from exposure to the elements. This is not only beneficial for its longevity, but it is going to look better for longer.

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