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Steel and Aluminium Pipes — Top End Steel Supplies In Pinelands, NT

Do You Know The Difference?

If you are weighing up the pros and cons of steel and aluminium pipes, there are many factors to consider. Metal piping is everywhere, across a huge range of industries including automotive, construction, aerospace, medical and more. Whether you are performing the construction yourself or supplying the material for another business, choosing the right piping for a commercial or industrial project is important to ensure structural integrity, durability and cost effectiveness. The following factors should be considered when purchasing commercial pipes.

Weight & Strength

Steel is three times heavier than aluminium by volume, making it a much stronger material for use in construction. This increased weight allows steel to handle higher shock and pressure than aluminium, including all the impact and stress that a structural framework needs to withstand. Aluminium tends to be used in consumer products like kitchen supplies or specialised tools used in medicine. However, aluminium is also more flexible than steel and can be manipulated into unique shapes. Steel is used in civil construction, industrial processes and any industry that requires a high-strength, sturdy material. When looking for commercial pipe supplies in Darwin, consider the weight and strength required of your piping.


Determining the cost difference between steel and aluminium is sometimes difficult. Aluminium is about three times the price of steel by weight but is also much lighter than steel—meaning you get more material by the kilo. Depending on how much material is required and what you’re using it for, one can be more cost-effective than the other. The team at top end steel supplies offers a huge range of steel piping for affordable and fair prices. We understand the importance of providing commercial pipe supplies in Darwin that are cut to order and designed for a huge range of uses.


Aluminium has a much higher thermal and electrical conductivity than steel. This can be particularly useful in electrical components and air conditioning systems—however, when it comes to piping, aluminium’s thermal conductivity creates issues, especially when welded. During the manufacturing process, piping material needs to hold up to a lot of heat and pressure. Steel is ideal for buildings because it is more stable and offers better energy efficiency.


Steel is much easier to weld than aluminium, making it a great choice for people using common welding tools, who may not have much specialised experience with welding. This ease of use makes steel a very popular solution when it comes to piping systems, as the pipes can be joined together without much trouble.

If you need commercial pipe supplies in Darwin, talk to Top End Steel Supplies today. Our team will walk you through a huge range of products and provide you with the right materials for the job. Whether it’s a commercial or industrial project, you’re bound to find what you need when you visit our workshop. Call 08 8931 0055 today!