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Metal — Top End Steel Supplies In Pinelands, NT

Finding steel supplies in Katherine is as easy as visiting us here at Top End Steel Supplies. We have a huge inventory of items to suit all of your needs and can help you find just what you’re looking for. Whether you need a large amount of steel supplies or you have a smaller order, we can assist you with our stock of options. Wondering what we have? Keep reading to find out.

Framing Materials

Steel framing is becoming increasingly popular because it’s longer lasting than more traditional wood framing options. It’s resistant to rust and severe weather so it makes an ideal choice for homes, businesses, and large structures. We offer a full range of steel framing supplies, including bars, angles, columns, and general wall framing. No project is too large or too small for us to handle, from homes to skyscrapers.

Piping Materials

For remodels or new builds, it’s often necessary to replace piping. This is also the case for damaged or destroyed pipes. Our piping inventory is large and diverse and we can supply you with the right length and width of pipes for your purposes, whether you’re setting up an entirely new system or upgrading a current one. We have pipes that can be used for both domestic and commercial reasons so let us set you up with what you need today.

Mesh Materials

Our supply of steel products also includes mesh for several purposes. One of them is concrete mesh, which is needed when laying new sidewalks, patios, or other concrete structures. The mesh keeps the structure in place and is vitally important to a successful finished product. We also offer welding mesh, which can be used for a variety of building and plumbing purposes. Ask us about the sizes and kinds of mesh we have on hand.

Other Steel Supplies

In addition to the above mentioned steel supplies, we also have a diverse selection of other products that can be used for plumbing, building and other reasons.

They include round and square bars, square and rectangle hollow sections, steel sheets, profiles, structural channels, floor plates, beams, purlins, flanges, custom orb and trimdek and flashings. We also have paints, consumables, and steel products for sliding gates and motors. No matter what you need, we can help you find it.

When you have a need for steel supplies in Katherine, don’t do anything before you call Top End Steel Supplies. You’ll always find exactly what you need.

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