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Which Sliding Gate Motor And Accessories Do I Need?

When you need sliding gate motors and accessories in Darwin, you need Top End Steel Supplies, where you can get exactly what you need for your sliding gate. Having a sliding gate on your property is an easy way to enhance the security and give you peace of mind when you’re inside. That includes both for your home and your business. You can choose when to slide the gate open so you can keep people out. There are a variety of accessories that ensure that your sliding gate works well. Here they are.

The Track

This is a necessary part of your sliding gate, as it ensures that you can properly open and close it when needed. The slide is fixed to the ground, using hardware or concrete to keep it in place. You need to have a track that’s double the length of the gate so you can open it all the way. Along with the track, you will need wheels so that you have a way to slide the gate as you open and close it.

Cantilever System

This is an accessory that’s ideal for sliding gates installed on uneven ground. Instead of fixing the track to the ground, a cantilever system allows the wheels to move across a track that’s attached to the gate itself. This accessory is more expensive than a traditional track and wheel system, but it’s a good investment if you need to put a gate on sloped or hilly ground.

Opening Kit

If you’d like alternative ways to open the sliding gate, other than the traditional remote system, you can purchase a kit that allows you to do so. This might be a push button system, a key switch or keypad or an intercom or loop detector. You can install most of these systems at any time so if you find that the one you have isn’t working, you might want to consider trying something else.

Safety Accessories

Your sliding gate is created for safety, but you can make it even safer with a few accessories. Add an additional set of safety photocell to the inside of the gate to offer the same protection as the outside. This ensures that if someone moves near the gate, you will know. An emergency stop button ensures that no one is injured when the gate closes and safety edges are ideal if there are children or pets near the gate.

When you need sliding gate motors and accessories in Darwin, call us here at Top End Steel Supplies for choice and quality every time. .